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Hacker killed me and 2 of my friends at the same exact moment.
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We got killed by a hacker while we were driving in a car.


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Windows 10
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So me and 2 of my friends were in a car Gunter 2. We were driving on the road and all of a sudden we heard one gunshot killed me and my friend in the back seat. We had military gear heavy military. Assault helmets all 3 of us. After me and my friend got killed our other friend kept driving for like a minute and a half at least still got killed did not even hear a shot. My steam name is nitkov123. Dayz EU - DE 1486 is the server we were on. It happened around 6.30 - 6.45 AM. Cannot tell you the exact time. We were driving on the road to Elektro. I dont know if this is the right way to report it but its the only way I know. You will be getting a similar report from my friend.

Additional Information

This is the second time this has happened to us. All three of us in the other server were killed by a hacker we did not hear not shot nothing just dropped dead in an instant. I know you probably cant do much about it and are doing your best. Its just depressing and upsetting to lose everything in an instant by a hacker.

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Cohor101 created this task.Thu, Apr 22, 8:10 AM

As I said I dont know if its the right way to report this but its the only way I know. If its too little information you can contact me via E-mail or here or on steam. Thank you!

I did a suggestion in T157912 so they add a killfeed so we can know who exactly kill a player, if what your are saying is true, with the killfeed you could report the account so it gets banned. Please suscribe to T157912 and comment so they pay attention to that suggestion.