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Fish is not nearly nutritious enough in 1.12
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so i gave a good test to fishing today on 1.12. had a fishing pole, 4 metal hooks and 3 bone hooks. was fishing freshwater, so carp. so i went through all te 4 metal hooks and 3 bone hooks and in the process the fishing pole went from pristine to ruined, i finished the last hook with an imrpovised fishing pole. Caught a lot of carp, around 5 boots, 2 cooking pots. The whole thing took me one and a half hours of IRL time. Eating all that carp (raw) brought me from half apple to full apple but not all the way full, the upwards arrows still appeared on the last carp fillet i ate, and stayed for the full duration, meaning i was not completely full. Also i went through 2 steak knives, a couple stone knives and half a hatchet, most degrading done by gutting fish. It degrades knives very fast. Why?? I mean you can gut a fish with your fingers, with your nails. And if you use a knife it will last forever.

Anyway this is not ok. Spending 1.5 hours of IRL time and not getting to full hunger from half apple is just wrong. Spending like 2 knives and 2 stone knives on gutting fish (and digging worms) is not ok. One full carp stake makes the stomach icon appear, that the stomach is full. Yet like 20 carp fillets dont fill your hunger all the way. How does it make sense? I know carp was super overpowered in 1.11 as even one carp fillet had like half a deer's worth of calories and it used to take like 5 carp fillets to get to fullest hunger from like yellow apple, so i agree that it needed nerfing. But this is just ridiculous, i would've probably gotten to full hunger faster by farming tomatoes.


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Windows 10 x64
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Try to get to full hunger by fishing.

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