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building/tent placement
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80% of the map is useless because you cannot place a build kit or a tent on even the slightest incline. literally takes so much fun and potential out of the game for spots where you could have a awesome base build. and for the record I'm talking about the slightest inclines not on a hill its super frustrating. makes no sense I can't place a tent in the forest I thought that was the point.


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DzBlock created this task.Mar 14 2021, 10:43 PM
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Beavis added a subscriber: Beavis.EditedApr 12 2021, 7:04 PM

This has been the case ever since the game was released. Hence BuildAnywhere or similar mods are used on nearly all community servers. I prefer vanilla, but this issue drove me to add mods to my servers.

It is not much that is needed - just a somewhat intelligent collision detection with trees & bushes - or a way to clear brush away to build and then it won't spawn back - and tolerance for sloping ground. The placement mechanic is WAY to sensitive still.

Another thing needed is either snapping fences together or tolerance enough so you can place posts against each other, so there won't be huge gaps between fences where greedy eyes can see and infected slip through...

Tent placement (and hence probably fences too) is still a nightmare on 1.13 experimental. Really, the logic around where placement is allowed needs some work. I hate using BuildAnywhere because it opens the door to so much wonky building that shouldn't be possible, but with the frustratingly restrictive placement what choice do we have?

Kew1a added a subscriber: Kew1a.Jun 23 2021, 6:50 PM

I agree, you can’t hide tents anymore they have to be out in the open, same with building kits the slightest bump and it doesn’t let you build. What a shame..

Yeah, 1.14 on experimental and still the same impossible placement restrictions. Found a lovely spot to set up a couple of tents, in the end I had to abandon the idea because it was impossible. And the ground was level - all that was there was grass. This really needs to be looked at.