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Low timeToLive value breaks high weapon zero
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When a weapon class with high zeroing is fired, but the timeToLive of the ammo class is too low for the projectile to reach the ground at that distance, the projectile is fired low as if the weapon zeroing was as low as possible.

This unexpected change to point of impact causes a significant risk to hit an incorrect target such as a friendly unit to the front of the weapon.

Expected behavior would be that the weapon would still fire up, even if the projectile will never reach the ground.

This can be mitigated somewhat by setting the maxZeroing entry for the weapon to a low enough value, but testing would need to be done for each weapon to establish what the maximum safe value is.


Operating System
Windows 10
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enter a vehicle turret that can set its weapon zero very high (I use the CUP M1A1 in my example, as it can range out to 6200m)
  2. Pick a weapon with a low timeToLive ammo, such as the coaxial mg
  3. Fire in bursts, increasing the zeroing 1 step between each burst
  4. A point will be reached where the weapon stops shooting up and starts shooting down (This is >1800m zero for the CUP M1A1 coax)

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Drofseh created this task.Mar 13 2021, 12:31 AM