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Pack of bugs on the advanced helicopter control mode.
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Now I will tell you about three bugs that appear in the "advanced helicopter control" mode.

  1. "Hangover syndrome".

If we turn on the "advanced helicopter control" mode in the settings, the shooter can not shoot because of the shaking of the camera, and the shaking begins after touching the ground.
To correct this point, I usually go to the settings again in the air and change the position to "normal helicopter control", but this time I do not apply the changes - this restores the camera.

  1. " Downed Hawk"

The essence of the bug is that when hit from a sniper rifle, we do not see damage to the helicopter modules, but in fact-we can safely lose fuel or the engine may not work. I repeat, our helicopter is fully operational on the indicators!

  1. " Start the helicopter with a push"

This bug originates in the previous paragraph. When we crash-land our "serviceable helicopter", fix it - the engine will not start. Looking at the instruments, you can pay attention that the revolutions reach about 2000 revolutions and then do not go higher (this applies to the Ghost Hawk), in such a situation, only switching the helicopter control mode to "normal control mode" can help - this solves the problem and allows you to take off, but when switching the control mode back, the rotor stands up like a stake and we fall.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Helicopters DLC

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