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Unable to join servers
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 Once I press join on any server, the red selection bar dissapears and nothing else happens. I can still use the d-pad to navigate the servers and the selection bar comes back, but no other buttons work.

Also, if a friend invites me to a game when I am at the Xbox home page, Dayz opens up but then the screen turns completely white until I close dayz or just turn my Xbox off. 

I have cleared all saved data, uninstalled dayz and reinstalled, as well as hard reset my Xbox. I have seen several other posts of this issue on online forums and was wondering if there is a known fix


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This is on Xbox, not windows 7

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Hello BamaBinLadn500.
Are you runnin VPN by any chance? And if you wait a while after joining a server, does anything happen?

Don't think I am using a VPN, I don't recall ever setting one up. Also, no, the server list just stays there. I cannot go back to the dayz start screen. Or change between official/community servers.

This problem has occurred in the past, but restarting the game usually worked, as most issues in dayz just need a restart to fix. Just a couple days ago restarting has stopped working. Could be an Xbox issue given that my console is like 5 years old


I left it sitting for probably 3 minutes until I got a timeout error message. It kicks me back to the dayz start page. After pressing okay and going back into the game on the same server, it loads immediately.

After seeing that it worked once, I restarted the entire game and tried again. the same thing happens, long wait time and error message, then go back to the same server and join.

So my problem is mostly solved

Thank you for responding

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