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Official Zeus server crash when I create a custom objective.
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Official Zeus server crashes when I create a custom objective with deactivated module position (so players don't have a marker)
It happened to me on multiple occasions recently and I only managed to recover once.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce

create a custom objective with deactivated module position
bonus points for hiding it from the players faction - it can cause major lag (<1FPS)

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akiket created this task.Feb 7 2021, 12:34 AM

Had this issue, it's happened to me multiple times, and I managed to reproduce it. Here's the crash file.

Here's the steps to reproduce:

  1. Go on an official zeus server and enter zeus slot (I think this also lags the server on locally hosted servers but it's not as noticeable or severe)
  2. Create some strain on the server, you can either place like 10 AI squads or load in an entire mission with compositions (doing this with a large mission will just completely freeze your client when the module is placed, doing it with 8 ish AI squads gets me down to single digit fps)
  3. Place one or more custom objective modules and set the destination parameter from module position to disabled.
  4. You should experience extreme lag/frozen game

I'm unsure if this is just lag on the zeus client's side or if it affects the server. I think I've had players complain of lag when one of these modules is placed but I'm not completely sure.