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Canopy Tents
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I built a camp site in a wooded area away from towns/cities and noticed frame drops, after removing a Canopy Tent from the site and replacing it with a large tent I noticed a increase in frame rate... Is It possible the Canopy Tent is causing frame drops in game? The amount of items/Buildings has increased at the site and FPS is still running much better without a Canopy Tent in the area.


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Windows 10

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Hello Evangle20.
We have tested this issue based on the information you have provided but unfortunately we were unable to produce the issue on our end.
Is there anything specific that could produce this issue?

I am not sure. I have only encountered the issue once do to not using the Canopy tent and despawned the only one I had in game, it is possible that the lag was caused by something else in game. I do appreciate your help for checking into the issue.