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PS5(probably PS4 too) inventory selector off-screen
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Often times when you have a large inventory on your survivor while scrolling up or down the selector/cursor will go off screen and you can't see what it's selecting. The inventory still moves up and down but the selector seems to bee just below the inventory screen. It seems to be pretty easily replicable with a large/full inventory and scrolling up to try to get to the bottom. Its very frustrating as you have to then close and reopen the inventory.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Have a full inventory with large slot clothing/backpack and try to get to the bottom by scrolling up to skip to the bottom. The cursor will then be selecting items below the shown screen and has to be closed and reopened to work properly.

Additional Information

Also, at random times scrolling through the inventory seems to get stuck within a category such as backpack or clothing slot and has to be closed and reopened to work properly. These functionality glitches can get frustrating while trying to access the player inventory in a stressful situation.

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Thank you for the report ZingZootZephyr.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.

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Hello again.
The issue has been fixed internally and will be fixed on the public version in one of the upcoming updates.