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Unable to correctly map throttle toggle to ARMA Inputs and strange button mapping in general
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Good morning,

The issue is this: I use the Virpil VPC Mongoose T-50 CM3 as a throttle, which comes with four maintained toggle switches. Unlike many devices, the Mongoose recognizes the on and off as a separate input - the off state is button 41, the on state is button 42. These become mapped through the VPC software to logical buttons (For example, the on state can be configured to consistently hold button 42, or to simply pulse button 42 once). In my software, they are mapped to logical buttons 34 and 81.

ARMA however, does not see either state correctly. When attempting to bind autohover to a toggle switch, I would expect to see button 34, 41, 42, or 81, depending on whether it's using the physical or logical device. Instead, ARMA seems to recognize both on and off as a button 43. The result of this is that both states of the toggle trigger on/off. (IE: If you have Auto Hover on, and the switch is in the off position, toggling the switch to on will unintuitively deactivate Auto Hover)

The strangest part of this is that ARMA seems to have its own input numbering scheme that is independent of anything the hardware/software is sending. I would expect that pressing Button 1 would bind 'Button 1'.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  • With a throttle with a maintained toggle switch and both states recognized as input, attempt to map the on toggle position to one control and the off toggle position to another control
  • Observe that both controls are bound to the same input, and thus the state of the toggle is irrelevant.

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