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M3S Truck Flying Around (DayZ Experimental on PC)
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Okay, so I had a problem yesterday with the M3S Truck spazzing out on me. It's the first time I found a truck battery and it wasn't long before I found a potential M3S candidate. The truck I found, I knew wasn't ready. Yes, it needed tyres, it had hardly any. But I inserted the battery anyway and it gave me the option to "Get IN" - So I thought I'd sit behind the wheel at least, even if I knew I would need tyres to get it going.

However, as soon as I sat in the seat, it started moving oddly and making strange sounds. I wasn't steering, I wasn't in control. I didn't switch on or anything. It seems the truck battery, when inserted in this vehicle, even with no tyres, just seems to start moving after you get in. I tried to get out because it was moving weirdly, I couldn't. Then I tried to switch on the ignition, it started, but then crazy just turned into plain weird. The truck started doing flips and within 10 seconds I was dead.

Damn annoying, lost all my stuff! And that battery, which I now can't find anywhere!! It's worth saying I've only tried this once. I don't know if it was just to do with the truck I tried. I found it in Elektrozavodsk, near where the Olga spawns, it was parked out against a huge warehouse.


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Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Find truck with no wheels or tyres.
Insert truck battery.
Get in to the vehicle.

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