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Ms3 truck bug report
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Truck storage is fantastic. Gearing of the truck is bad, the speed of the truck is pushed depending on what gear its in from 1-4 (lowest to highest) 1st gear is not even worth driving in, it needs to go straight into 4th to go anywhere. Reverse is immensely slow but stable. Truck is jittery sometimes almost alot. When truck is turned off wether in neutral or not if you are in the driver seat the rear dual wheels and driveshafts of the truck shake immensely, it even happens when driving occasionally especially if ever off road. Turning seems stable in most situations. Wether or not the truck type matters the one i am using is the (covered) variant of the ms3 truck. The storage for spare tires work as intended it is mostly just the unstable jittery motion and bad gearing that is the problem. I imagine the motor is supposed to be very torque like but though its not unbearable the transmission shouldnt be like that


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Windows 7
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There are no special steps to witness or cause these things just driving it will show you how it reacts. When at a stand still turn it off and remain in the driver seat to feel n or see the truck shake a good bit. This takes place on the livonia map if that helps though these glitches could be a cause of the truck being spawned in as opposed to using the normal variant ms3.

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Thank you for your feedback Bubb.
We are aware of this behaviour and the gears / speed are subject to balance.

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