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Constants "storm" - rover rocking heavily, unable use tools
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(Note: native CZ speaker)

I am some way through robotic career progress, and suddenly every location, every rover/lander started to behave like it is a heavy storm/wind/marsquake on the surface. I am unable to use tools as the arm is moving around so wildly that tools cannot keep steady distance within working margins. Thus I am unable to proceed through missions.

Tried (to no avail):

  • time skip at control room (up to two days)
  • land in different areas, with different vehicles (landers, rovers...)
  • load older save, at which I before finished the mission with no problem (here rover rocked wildly too, suddenly)
  • restart game/steam/PC
  • reinstall the game and restore saves from backup

Played about 60+ hours last two weeks, restart career is definitely not an option!


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
W10x64 Home 20H2 19042.685
Steps To Reproduce

At my PC every time on Mars surface robotic vehicle movement (rocking) is like in a heavy storm.
Not able to try on a different PC (have only one).

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