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Died by no reason, lost all gear + rarest gun after found a few minutes
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I died by no reason not from zombie or player or infected and i have full health full food full water and warm and i died in barn with closed two doors and no other player near just [You are dead] appeard on my screen and i'm dead, no reason. Now i lost my gear that I had been searching for a long time + i just have LAR rifle and i died by no reason ? WTF happen to me now i want my gear back (i have full gear full helmet with 4 can of food water tactical vest ak-74u with a 6 magazines + lot of ammo + fx45 + 3 suppressor + LAR with acog (i have it from heli crash site few minutes before this bug happen to me maybe 5 minutes + - 2 minutes)


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
64 bits
Health System
Steps To Reproduce

Just [You are Dead] on my screen for no reason and i'm dead, I'm very sure it not from zombie, other player , hunger , dehydrated , animals ,bloodloss , sick or whatever i think it can kill me (i play this game more than 5 years but this is first time it happen to me)

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Seras created this task.Dec 15 2020, 2:46 PM
Shift added a subscriber: Shift.Dec 17 2020, 12:56 AM

I have experiences the same bug at least 3 times now.