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Connecting to a friends server
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One of my friends on Xbox has a server, which I tried to join. For some background, I got Dayz a while back on game pass to play with some friends on a private server, which worked fine. My game pass then ran out and I uninstalled the game. I recently purchased Dayz again to play on the same server with my friends again, but when I try to join it, I’m put on a loading screen for at least a minute, then I see the main screen character and background without any options where I’m stuck for another minute, before promptly being kicked back to the main menu with a message saying “Warning. You were kicked off the game. (Timeout).” I’ve tried deleting my saved data, joining public servers (which I can join without problems), uninstalling and reinstalling the game (multiple times) and a mix of all of the above. I still can’t join my friends server. Is there any solution to this?


Operating System
Windows 7
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Simply joining the server.

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I’ve checked with everyone on the server, yet none seem to be having the same issue. I doubt it’s my WiFi as other surfers work fine and any other game I have a low ping in.

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Is there anything I can do on my end? Please contact me if possible or in need of more information

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Hello RemoteGrunt891.
Do you have possibility to try to connect on a wired network or through a different network/router? As DayZ is quite demanding when it comes to internet and your WiFi connection might not be good enough.

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yes i have tried that i am using ethernet cable i have messed with my internet and that not the problem my connection is good i have tried loads of things and nothings worked

I have had the same problem on community server or private some times it works,other times i get the same stalling home screen
Or when I join the server I start playing then suddenly no doors or containers,actions will work I have tried different solutions but have given up trying to play on a friends server because of this issue

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