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Cannot connect to any server
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I have never been able to connect to a server and have been trying for a month. Tried official and community servers with no luck. The first 2 or 3 times i started the game i made it to the queue then got error codes. Error code 9 twice and error code 24 once if i remember correctly. But since then and after dozens of attempts i can see the server list and navigate through it but when i press connect nothing happens for a minute or so and during this time i can't navigate away from the screen. Then I'm sent back to the title screen with the message "You were kicked from the game. Timeout" shown. I'm playing version 1.10.153556 and it has been happening since before the last update. The last server i tried to connect to was LA0015 at 7:50am today, Friday November 27th.


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

start the game
select play
choose a server
press X to connect
after a minute or two I'm sent back to the title screen with "You were kicked from the game. Timeout" shown

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