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Plate carrier doubles in weight when drenched (1.09)
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It seems like the water weight gain system is just a static multiplier on total weight. My plate carrier (contents: glock with ammo in holster, 3 grenades, various other stuff filling the other slots) got drenched in rain, and its weight in the details tooltip was 28kg. IIRC, without water, the weight is something like 14-16kg? The plate carrier is obviously not capable of retaining 12 liters of water; the max water content of it should be FAR lower, maybe 1-2 kg. 2x weight sounds about right for clothing, but for stuff like the plate carrier where most of the mass isn't absorbent, this is way off.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce
  • Wear full plate carrier, most slots occupied
  • Stand in rain for a while
  • Watch as the weight climbs to ~30kg

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The plate carrier by itself with no attachments weighs 24kg when drenched.

This appears to be fixed in 1.10; I haven't seen a plate carrier get to the same high weight in rain. That said, the amount of mass growth is probably still a bit too much; the Cordura or similar material in a plate carrier like that shouldn't absorb more than 2L of water maximum.