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Add a Tiredness (Long Term Stamina) status to the game
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There is an interesting feature that the MedicalAttention mod adds to the game: A tiredness/sleeping mechanic.

The concept has some potential, however I believe its poorly implemented and in some sense it goes against the game by forcing people to rest.

I think I found out how it could be implemented in the game in a way similar to most of the other game mechanics, that affect players just enough to take them in count, without ruining their game experience.

The correct implementation could be as follows:

  1. The scale takes a reasonably long time to deplete (tied to the times the Short Term Stamina (STS) was depleted in the period, plus a nominal slow decreasing rate)
  2. The effects of the scale are subtle and NEVER get to the point of stopping or slowing down your character, specifically, when the LTS depletes the following happens:
    • The STS depletes faster , or is shortened (similar to as when the character is carrying more weight)
    • A yawning sound effect (later + animation when possible to make them) similar to the freezing sound effect or sneezing.
    • At advanced depletion levels, there is a hud effect of eyes slow single blinking.
    • The same difficulties with aiming as with freezing (maybe a bit slower)
  3. During playtime the LTS can be increased, filled or "paused" in several ways, which would fit to several playstiles without harming or forcing anyone to a specific "fix" of the LTS. These ways could include the following:
    • Sitting near a fireplace
    • Consuming Coffee [new items can be added: Coffee can (mixing with water to drink), Coffee seeds (grnding with tools and mixing with water to drink)]
    • Injecting epinephrene (short term boos)
    • Consuming other drugs or stimulants (which can be added as coffee)
    • Smoking cigarettes
    • Lying down for a while (could be boosted with a fireplace nearby, or if laying in bed or carrying a sleepingbag)
  1. The LTS may reset after leaving the game, simulating a nap effect in game


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Ultimate X64
Feature Request
Additional Information

This feature would add:

  • New endgame items and some use for items that are currently useless
  • Create a value for these items
  • Incentive interactions with some of these items and mechanics
  • Add some content to the 90% of boring dayz walk simulation :D

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Bab.D created this task.Oct 28 2020, 7:45 PM