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Bring back percentages for consumable items
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In the alpha version of the game, and for most of DayZ's history, consumable items such as food, water, containers with liquids in them, and resources had percentages to give accurate information to the player on how much of said item is left before it was to become depleted. Following the 0.63 release of DayZ, we saw this feature removed for an unknown reason, and it was replaced with a white status bar, which doesn't give an exact number/percentage.

There is a logical fallacy when this status bar was introduced. Why are players able to gain the exact number of how many cartridges are loaded into a AK magazine? Or we're able to know the exact number of vitamin pills that are inside a vitamin jar? But we are left with an ambiguous, un-accurate bar for items such as matches, water bottles, gas canisters, food, etc. Realistically, we wouldn't know the exact number for any of the items listed above, but considering this is a video game, I think players should know the exact amount of liquid inside a container, or the percentage of food left inside a can of spaghetti, so people can evenly ration their food with friends. It doesn't make sense why we can know the exact number for some items, but not others.

Here is a screenshot for reference.


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