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cheaters are in livonia LA5375
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we have cheaters on the server they used xray vision to find and steal everything from our base

please do something we are getting tired of this every month


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Dao added a subscriber: Dao.Thu, Oct 15, 7:36 PM

Yesterday at 20:40 a group of hackers took everything from our base without having to enter the base, took the wooden crates and all the loot that was in the tent with the base closed and with the walls all in perfect condition, killed a member of the our group that was inside the base through the wall. Please hope that the Dayz group will take a stand. The server was the Livonia 5084. We don't like to play in places that are not official but you need to act as soon as possible. Details we were online.
My nick in the game is Dão

This is what I understand after play Dayz PC for 1000 over hours. Those user are from mainland China. Account starting with 'a'123456' were purchased directly from the Hacker Provider. User are paying a monthly subscription to the Hacker Provider base on the type of hack available as follow;

  1. Magic Bullets - which equipped with the ability to detect and locate the other user within the radius of at less 2000m. The Opponent's movement and what items is being hold on the hands can be clearly observe by the User. Locked the opponent's head with the magic bullets which can penetrate through wall which normal User can not.
  1. Seen Through - Equipped with the ability to locate the buried items, wooden crate, fencing, type of vehicle etc. within the user radius of at less 2000m.

Sadly nothing have been done much to STOP this over the years. This kind of services is killing the Game badly. Hopefully to see more enforcement being done in the near future.

Hackers in DayZ Livonia US - NY 4913 I keep getting killed by hackers... they spawn camp and use hacks to kill me across the map... please do something about this. It's really annoying! My user name is MaxCorpious.