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steam id: yalleh
date sept 13 2020
time 4:00 am to 6:00 am
server: DayZ Livonia US - LA 5375
Address (Game Port) (Query Port)

Logged into Dayz server and checked to see who else was there . Again I saw people who had been banned one person was just banned 18 days ago.

Steam Id: "Dad" was banned 90 days ago
"(4 chinese symbols)" banned 15 days ago
"(3 chinese symbols)" banned 199 days ago

please open up the server and just check out all the players. I am sure these players are with others and they are turning their cheat codes on and off so its harder to catch them. I'm sure you can ban at least a dozen and I'm sure they will return but hopefully they re pay or buy Dayz all over again so at least you make some money off of them


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
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I guess this answer would be just play DAyz 15 days apart.. lol

Additional Information

If it were me I would do more than ban them I would do something like anyone using cheat code and all those playing with them get an automatic suicide command and then wipe all the items they have stored. Then ban them. so they return with nothing. Then place a if/then statement on their account as soon as they log back in they get another suicide command. See how well they do in a survival game with automatic suicide command placed on them.

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yalleh created this task.Sep 14 2020, 12:28 PM