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Ruined Vehicle Parts can not be Removed from Cars!
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[XBOX ONE S] It seems that any vehicle parts that become ruined on the vehicles in the game, will not give players the option to remove from the car anymore.

I crashed my Olga after a huge lag spike. I grabbed parts to replace the ruined parts on my car, but it wouldn't even give me the button option to remove the parts off of the car.

The radiator, spark plug, tires, and hood were ruined. None of them were removable. The battery was Badly Damaged, but was eligible to remove from the car. So I assume that any parts Badly Damaged or above can be removed from the car.


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Xbox One S
Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

Crashed a vehicle, which caused parts to become ruined. Was not able to detach ruined parts from the car.

Additional Information

Inventory in the trunk is not affected. Spare Car parts are a bit pointless, if anything that gets ruined on the car is unable to be removed and replaced with new parts.

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jootd00t added a comment.EditedSep 16 2020, 3:52 AM

I had this exact thing happen to two cars. First one, was ADA 4x4, and it occured exactly as you described, lag spike, crash and can only remove the battery which wasnt ruined. The ruined parts that cant be removed are the hood, front two tires, spark plug and radiator. The car has an orange check engine and has not despawned through server resets. I have checked this car after 2 server resets, no change.

Second car was Olga, this happened just after a server reset, it was next to a base gate which had been left open that normally clips through the car when open, but due to server reset the collision must have been reset and it acted as if the car had hit the gate, pushed it back up into the car tent on an angle. I understand the way it was ruined is not a bug or glitch, but user error, however the ruined parts cannot be removed exaclty as I described with the previous car, but the car is not destroyed, so will not despawn.

Both cars have no red engine light and the inventory is still accessible. I have attempted removing ruined parts by aiming at them and from the vicinity inventory, but no prompt appears/they are not accessible. It appears as if the ruined parts remain in the engine on state (I.e. you cant remove car parts when it is on) I have entered and exited the car multiple times to try and reset this, also removed and replaced the back tires to reset the cars physics to no avail.

This occured on server AP SY 2058 (temporary)
I am playing with an Xbox one S digital

For reference, I have crashed a car before and been able to remove ruined parts and replace them a few weeks ago in version 1.08, but these two examples ive listed occured yesterday, in 1.09


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Soo.. this just happened to me to.. huge lag spike, and crash into a road sign. Front wheels are done, so is the sparkplug and the radiator. The battery is only damaged, not broken. And is the only thing I can remove.. this is so huge a deal breaker, that this is my last time playing your shitty game.

Playing on Xbox one x
Fix your game please, this is not okay