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More cheaters
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aug 14th, 2020
time : can't pinpoint it
server: DayZ Livonia US - LA 5375
Address (Game Port) (Query Port)

my Steam id: yalleh

I just created a base not far from a base that I created a month ago. The old base was in a garage in a village but only had one item in it. The new base was VERY well hidden in a forest near... well nothing... but it had 5.56 ammo and magazines and a FAL/LAR. So my test was to see how many days before one of these was raided. Within a day (maybe hrs) the one with the LAR was broken into and raided but the other is still in tact (one month plus a week plus a few days later)


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Windows 10
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Just wait... I write a report and the player count on the server goes down, then in a week it starts to go up and then a month later its back to where it is now. So I am guessing that the same players are returning to their stash and then maybe the go to other servers to go crazy with their ill-gotten booty

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Would be nice if battle eye would set up a reminder with parameters that they can re-remove the people using the cheats, as well as their friends and their booty they collect... and do this every week (by the way, It was nice to have a LAR and a VSD but I only need one of those, I would prefer another none-cheater get the other and not some x-ray vision super-villain). If the cheaters simply can't return to doing what they are doing, then they will move on to another game with another cheat. I know this is a lot of work but with some easy code writing skills you can make it as quick and painless as possible and really put a stop to the anarchy. There's an idea, the servers do a reset everyday, using your superior code writing skill to do a search on the server for any use of the cheats, then ban them and if they return without a new license (meaning they at least have to buy the game again and a new computer) then take the penalty further.... If you need help with that idea, just ask... I have a few, but the cheaters aint gonna like it

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yalleh created this task.Aug 25 2020, 1:06 PM