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error code 9 and 24
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I have had the error code 9 for months now. Now I have an error code 24 too. I can't find any servers either. I'm on console, PS4. I have reset everything over and over and nothing. it is not on my end. it is on yours. this game is really starting to suck on console. the cars glitch out way to much, they take to the air, go underground and end up killing us and they suck. they can't go up any type of incline, and lots of roads go up hills. stop spending so much time on the PC version and give the console version some much need attention and help. I think you developers suck and have no idea what they are doing. I know thousands of players complain and have the same issues. I read discords, facebook posts and other community posts and they all say the same thing, FIX THE GAME ON CONSOLE!! and that the devs should be fired. Rockstar devs could do a much better job and then DayZ on console would be epic and fun to play again. The PC users already have a good game that they can mod. it is time to focus on console and let us mod and added weapons, items, vehicles and aircraft that we want and not be limited to just boosting the count of items.


Operating System
Windows 7
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had issue for months