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Day Z Hacker Report ( Server: SG 6133 IP, Time: 31. Juli 2020, Singapore Time: 15:00 - 20:00
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Dear Bohemia Interactive,

I heard much review about Dayz and I think your games are awesome that is why I bought 3 accounts with steam to play with my 2 teenage kids along with me. Unfortunately, as we were playing we encounter many cheats and died apparently for no reason. There is a time where I will die for no apparent reason in an enclose building. But the worst part is yesterday night, where my kids and I were in the building and were killed instantly at the same time while we were in the enclosed building. I have no idea or know any cheat/bugs or hacks but I do make a research and found out about this site where I can report such bug. If what I read is true, someone is using hack to kill us. Actually I dont usually even bothered about even want to report such trivial matters but because my kids were so angry and mad about it and rather than we quit the Dayz games in a rage (rage quit) I decided that I have to make this to your attention that I believed your games are truely awesome but if this hackers are allowed to spoil the game, I am afraid you will lose lots of customers, loyal or even a new ones. Because simply your games are flawed and less people will run away not play them.

I applaud you guys for making this game, and I applaud those who play will skills and dignity, I teach my kids value. You can lose, but you dont quit. There are no rooms for cheaters/hack because they cannot aim and they want to hack and cheat just because they suck in the games or simply they try to spoil the fun out of others.

Please do check the server logs, if what I read is true, its not only hurting us, its also hurting lots of players internationally, like a virus. I have no idea who did them? I don't speculate, but do check on the server logs.

I dont know its from CHINA, AMERICA, DENMARK OR ANY OTHER EUROPE COUNTRIES, but I do find links like this:

and some of them already made in to the official server.

For now my kids and I are going to put DAYZ on the shelf "as unplayable" till you fixed them.

  • Another point i like to figure out is, the funny thing is Dayz maps is so huge and players can respawn far away or near but yet they know where the we(opponents) are?

Do look at the links I send you so you know your problem do exists. because the cheats are out into your server. IF they can make a standalone cheat why not multiplayer? Go figure!

I hope you find a way to fix this problem asap. Cheers.
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