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Day Z Hacker Report ( Server: DE 7582, Time: 30. Juli 2020, European German Time: 22:00 - 23:30
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Dear Bohemia Interactive,

Chinese Hackers are ruining Day Z. We have Recorded some of them on the Server mentioned above. I also have made 3 videos which i uploaded on youtube where you can clearly see the evidence, the current player list, server time and how we got killed (Magic Bullet Cheat). They were running around killing almost everyone on the server like they did the last months on almost every full server. We lost so many stuff (4 Aks at least, is there any possibility that we could get it back?)

Steam ID:

The Steam name of a friend of mine is wiktor w_88 which is also get killed by them, he has also recorded them and will make a separate report but i dont know his steam id but you can find him on my friend list



Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

You can Reproduce by just going on full official servers and walk 5 minutes in elektro then you will get killed by a hacker

Additional Information

Event Timeline

I was playing with julian.
I hade 5 ak-101's, veiga, m4, akm.
We where on 8 floor of apartaments north from balota talking. And then we got shot with 1 bulet, 2 headshots from the base floor.
Then we make this video after coming back to the place where we died.
After that we were kiled withing 5min after spawn with a headshot..
I played at that time with my wiktor_w88 character beacouse i use multiple acounts in dayz to store more loot.
I.m sure you can check server log and se cheaters killing us.
I will make separate topic about this asap.
Pls deal with cheaters ones and for all.
We only play official servers and at the moment it simply not possible. Cheaters moving from one server on to another and doing this crap all the time..