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Steam user ID: Yalleh
server name: DAYZ LIVONIA 5375
game version: 1.08.153276

Date : starting July 23th at 9 pm pacific time through 26.

Noticed a large spike in players on my server (which I've seen on other community servers) so I thought that a large influx of cheaters just hit my server. Sure enough a base I had hidden for 3 months was all of sudden found. I can't say I was killed because I just stopped playing (as I did the last time cheaters hit the server). Anyway check it out I'm sure you will found around a dozen cheaters all started playing the server this weekend. If its anything like what I have seen recently on other servers they will come and take everything they can then leave (probably go to a server closer to their location), leaving these servers with nothing left to find (nothing of value anyway).


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

steps to reproduce is to just play dayz. however if you ban then it gets good for a while until the start a new account. watch this accounts my guess is they have already been banned (probably a state run group with financial backing... good idea to watch and report to higher up government agencies as well)

Additional Information

Just ban them, then wait a few days and you will see new dayz purchases from the same area, then watch them and probably ban them too. Repeat. A good guess would be that you will make good money on new purchases equaling the number of times you ban them

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yalleh created this task.Jul 26 2020, 10:36 PM