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Fence and Watch tower building and Cars
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Since the 1.08 update on PS4, it is often a struggle to finish building fences and watch towers. It often allows you to build the frame, but not the entire fence or watch tower. For example, a fence will not allow me to add any more nails to the fence should it run out of nails mid way through completion of the fence. It often doesnt give the option to place nails with fences, and also doesn't give the option to build with watchtowers - for example 'build roof' does not appear even though there are plenty of nails and planks.

I am renting a server with a small team that invest approx 7-8 hours each night (per person). We are all getting particularly fed up with the silly glitches that seem to be getting worse. The car issues are by far one of our main gripes. The desync is as bad as ever with a crash being inevitable minutes after driving it! This really should have been fixed by now - the game has been released for a long time. The game has so much potential, and it is genuinely enjoyable...for a short while as it is working properly.

I think I speak on behalf of the entire gaming community when I say that we would much prefer to have fixes to these major bugs, over you adding more items to the game (such as a pointless ski resort and another weapon).


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Windows 10 x64
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Fences and watch tower issues happen randomly.

Crashing a car happens every time you drive one..on PC, PS4 and Xbox. Ridiculous.

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Hello MerkTheHerl.
Was the server restarted since the update? As the restart should resolve the basebuilding issues.

I was having the same issue with base building, on XBOX, I typically build my perimeter with just logs, then go back and add the frames and walls.
I had to readjust a crap load of fence that didn't allow me to build frames for.
I could attach the nails and planks, but could not use my hammer nor hatchet to build the frames until I dug up the posts and rebuilt.
My server is on a 6 hour restart schedule and I restarted twice manually after the update.
Also, I did not start building the fence at all until after the update and reboots, so it was all fresh to the new update and none of the fence existed prior to.

As for the car issue, yes. Please try to make some serious adjustments to how they drive and/or how things in the environment load, especially on console. Didn't know this was a huge issue on PC as well. Car crashes are way too common, and without XML file adjustments, they are so hard to find all the parts to and assemble, just to drive for a few minutes and lag spike into a tree.