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Blood loss
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This isn’t an issue specific to Xbox ofcourse, but the blood loss on dayZ is way too extreme at the moment, if you get shot more than once you need to bandage almost instantly or you’ll be critical blood within seconds, of you are cut 3 times or more in a firefight you are absolutely done for, it means that even if you kill the person you’re fighting you’ll still end up bleeding to death. If you’re knocked unconscious you’ll almost always bleed to death or have to bandage immediately after waking up, even if you only have 1 single cut, which completely eliminates your chance to fight back. We have seen many of the most popular PC servers such as karma krew manually reducing the blood loss by 40% to make the game much more balanced, but we don’t have this option on console. PLEASE reduce the blood loss so that it’s not as severe even with only 1 or 2 cuts, you have to bandage almost immediately or you will die or be on critical blood and fall unconscious and die. I’ve seen so many of the top streamers such as TopeREC, TRMZ, M1NDR, MrOg, JLK and PRT all complain about this issue. Please change this for 1.09


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I know it’s a lengthy one to read, but please read and listen to this feedback. It’s very important

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