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Gunter 2 Despawn / Vanished
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After a few days of looking high and low for parts we finally got a car put together. All of the tires were pristine when we parked it inside a barn with the doors closed. We removed the battery, radiator, and spark plug to keep it from being stolen. Some of the parts where taken off a car that was wrecked in a shoot out just about an hour before. When we got ours up and going, we took it in the dark and parked inside a barn with and closed the doors. Knowing that the car was safe because of the remote location and knowing there was only 2 other people on the server, I left it there while I ran around town gathering more loot. After about 1 hour I returned to the barn to see the car was no longer there. We did check to make sure all the tires where pristine, because we were worried about driving it off the road for a little bit. Should we not remove the battery, radiator, and spark plug? Does that make it despawn?
I just don't want this to happen again, too much time and effort for this to happen.


Operating System
Windows 7
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I hope to God it doesn't

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