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Unable to complete "Neutralize Guards" task in "Breaking Even" mission
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I am unable to complete "Neutralize Guards" task in "Breaking Even" mission - it always FAIL - no matter what I do...

My team is equipped with ARCO and MRCO optics, I'm trying to follow "Slingshot" instructions but with no luck..

Mission/Trigger/Script is bugged because:

  • when I split my team and order to target enemies they not even replying in time that they are ready to fire (scipt times-out and Slingshot sais that "Dammit Omega, we cannot wait any longer. You have missed the opportunity...")
  • when I order them to fire before they confirm they are ready to fire - they miss and fire an alert, task fails..
  • when I order my team to take one guy and I'm taking care of the other one it also fails..
  • when I kill them by myself it's the same - task fails..

It may be due to some AI targeting issue? I suspect is because when i order my team to take a target they somehow cannot target them properly.. They are not reporting to me that they are ready to fire - only some of them, like maybe two of them will be ready to fire before the script times-out and Slinghot says that the "oportunity is missed.." I'm unable to actually target the targets in this time window to complete the task - how it is so? so how I am supposed to complete this? I command them to target, but it takes forever before they report back that they are ready to fire...

I've already tried many variants:

  • ordering targets by ray-tracing
  • ordering targets by complex order commands

but totally no difference here..

It's same for fire order:

  • tried by simple "Open fire" command
  • tried by "Fire" complex command

same.. no difference..

Also tried to order to fire only the guys whom have assault rifles with optics (guy with machine gun was not firing at all) - but same... task fails..
Also tried to only order my marksman to take one target and I;m taking the other one - same..

In general, the task fails after first shot is fired..

Once I managed to shot them all at once (by my AI team), but task fails anyways - its just that Slingshot instantly starts yelling after first shot is fired, and half a second later both guys dropped dead..

So to sum it up:

  • can't properly order to target enemies due to extremelly long "targeting time" and script timeout
  • can't shoot them down by AI, because first shot is raising alarm and failing task
  • can't take them down by myself
  • tried like 50 times many diffrent variants, but it always fail - timeout or alert

I also increase the AI skill and precision to 100/100 in settings to check if that may impact is somehow but with no luck..


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Campaign Episode 2: Adapt
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start "Breaking Even" mission
  2. Split team: order half to shoot one target, other half to shoot second target (by raycast or complex commands)
  3. Wait for Slingshot command to take them out
  4. Command your team to "Open fire" by simple commands or to "Fire" in complex commands
  5. Task fails - even when they actually are taken down - just first shot fired is failing the whole task..
Additional Information

AI difficulty set to:
Skill: 100
Precision: 100

Also tried with regular:
Skill: 70
Precision: 50

Event Timeline

L5k created this task.Sat, Jun 27, 7:49 PM
L5k added a comment.Sat, Jun 27, 10:07 PM

Wow, I finally managed to complete this task - but it took me 20 reverts and like ~100 of save reloads..

I don't think it should work like that? Now it's purerly a dice roll - complete random..

At the end i managed to complete this task by:

  • Splitting team in half (ommiting machine gun guy)
  • Marksman and Medic was equipped with MRCO so I ordered them to kill the further target (300m) and the other ones (with RCO) to take care of the closest one (250m)
  • When I got green light to fire I've ordered my team to "Open Fire"
  • I also started shooting at the target on the highest tower - and took it down first hit
  • My team took down the guy in the lower tower by that time
  • To my surprise the task was completed

After all, there is something strange in this task, because earlier I managed to kill them in a similar way at the same time (one took down by my team and the other by myself) - only then Slingshot began to yell at me right after the first shot fired - as if some script would trigger a failure, strange...