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Weapon Info UI Element Misalignment
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The Weapon Info UI Element has 2 Modes which I will refer to as the following for easy of use:

#1 Infantry Mode - You are not in a Vehicle, it displays your Current Weapon, Fire Mode, Ammo and Magazine Count, as well as Active Throwables and the Ranging.
#2 Vehicle Mode - You are in a Vehicle, it displays the Current selected Weapon/Munitions, Firemore, Ammo and Magazine Count, as well as Countermeasures.

The Vehicle Mode Element is misaligned to the right from the Infantry Mode.

Reference these images:
Infantry Mode =>
Vehicle Mode =>

Both Images are Taken with the UI Element placed in the same position, reference:
UI Element =>

Both the Infantry Mode and Vehicle Mode images border the top and right edge of the monitor and are taken without shifting the position of the Element between pictures.

The error seems to have slipped in when the UI was designed, probably to accommodate the Stance-Indicator that is a separate element. The Vehicle Mode must have been shifted in some way to fill the gap, so to speak, as the Stance Indicator is no longer relevant and as such disappears in this Mode entirely.

It should also be noted that the issue inverts when the Elements is moved to the Top Right Corner.

The elements seem to be horizontally misaligned from the indicated box in the A3 UI Editor.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
10.0.18363 Build 18363
Steps To Reproduce

Not applicable, as there is not extraordinary steps required.

Misalignment occurs no matter where on the screen the panel is placed.

Easiest to view when in Virtual Arsenal. Enter and Leave a Gunner-Seat of any Armed Vehicle with an Armed Player. You will notice the positional shift of the Element (Default Top-Right corner of the Screen)

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