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This is not a true survial game
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I have had DayZ for some time now but i now feel i have been conned in to buying a game that can not live up to its expectations.

I brought this game beliving you
could spend days, weeks building camps hunting for food avoiding infected and other players as long as you didnt die it would go on and on as long as you were on the same server. But it is near on impossible to survive in this game it's gone beyond a joke.
Firstly you try to make it ralistic yet you can die from dehydration in less than a day where in real time you can survive up to 6 to 7 days without water and up to a month without food so I would have hoped that you would have aleast last three or four cycles of a day on the game without water or food.
Secondly it is near on impossible to find items in this game especially water. The weapons have improved somewhat, I went through five towns looking for an axe searched god knows how many sheds and buildings to find nothing.
Thirdly you get sick you have no idea what you are sick with you puke up you dont know why and you die from flouid loss in less than 10 min you try and replace the fluids to try and get better or give you extra time but you puke it straight back, total BST. I got a cold in my last game four hospitals nothing to cure it with and the cough and cold continued for the whole game, which was a long time sometimes the body can fight off a cold on its own why cant that be factured in? If the game is going to give me nothing to survie with when sick then what is the point. It would be nice to know what i need to find to cure my sickness at least that would give you a chance.
Fourthley what the point of puting different clothing on no matter what you wear you stay cold and wet when it rains so what is the point of me putting on a WATERPROOF jacket if im still gina get soaked or a warm pea coat and i still get cold.

Its a survial game allow me to survive. If i drink untreated water i expect to get sick if i eat rottern food i expect to get sick if i get attacket my a zombie i expect to get injured sick or die if i get shot or atttacked i expect to blead or die. But if i avoid the infected only eat pristine food and only drink clean or treated water then i expect to stay healthy. Same as if i wear a waterproof jacket THEN I EXPECT TO STAY DRY!

I'm not saying this game should be a doddle and eveything handed to you on a plate but if I cant treat myself and find anything after visiting hospitals 5 times when Im sick or know why im sick then what is the point of the game?
I was on top of a gaurd tower in my last game. Three days of logging in and out chipping away getting gear. I eat a box of PRISTINE ceral, im sick I loose fluids, I cant replace the fluids because i keep puking up, I die. Total waste of effort. Prior to that character dying the character before I die because I was attacked by wolves having put the same amount of effort in. That to me is fair enough, realistic, unfortunate but that is the name of the game. Last Character and many before it dying because the game play was utter garbage unrealistic and no chance of surving. And you give me the option of spending weeks building a base or trying to get a car running. No chance.

And all thats without the bugs that plauge the game.


After all that said i think the game would be the best game on the market if you just gave people the tools to survive.


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stierlitz added a subscriber: stierlitz.EditedJun 21 2020, 12:01 PM

Hey Mauser,
I am player like you and I am sorry to hear the game does not bring you as much fun and joy as it brings to me - and it surely can once you overcome certain basic obstacles. If you are interested I can give you couple practical tips that helped me. Lets start saying that the game is tough no matter if you just started to explore it or you are seasoned player - you can die by accident or negligence (falling from roof, getting surprised by hostile player or animal, get hurt by zombie and not having items to treat your condition, etc etc), most of this risk can be effectively reduced with careful planning and prioritizing (you don't go miles after weapon if you are thirsty and have nothing to drink for example). As far as realism goes we have to somehow accept that if game would wait for you 6 days to dehydrate or 30 to critically starve it would be pointless to bother with hydration and energy mechanics at all, right? I however strongly agree some tuning towards players is still in order here - for example I don't see how you break military boots in less than a day by running in woods and smashing couple zombies with an axe... I have my own ticket opened on it :-)

0. As you spawn your immediate needs are many and prioritizing them is crucial: hydration, energy from food, staying warm, staying safe, have space to carry items. As freshly spawned I would start running along the beach - at those small boats you can find nice drybag backpacks, sometimes food and drink. Apples, plums and pears grow on trees in gardens and along roads here and there. You can make improvised knife out of stones to get into cans.

  1. and 2. Safe drinking water can be found in most villages in well/pump, bottled water spawns at random places but for me best place to look was always greenhouses - same for soda cans. Generally more you snoop around better your chances are - and this is top rule for sourcing everything. If you have chlorine tablets and some container for water - you can fill it from natural water sources and treat it. I saw chlorine tablets mostly in shops.
  1. and 4. There isn't really that many things to make you sick. You either eat rotten food, raw meat, get infected by zombies and others - avoiding these is really important unless you are already packed with all types of pills from hospital and you don't need to care that much. But game isn't doctor to give you diagnosis - all you have is your common sense and symptoms that showed. Puking certainly comes from eating/drinking something you should not, shivering from cold. Rain can kill you. It can IRL too - without really good rain gear you'll get wet, which rocket-accelerates loss of your body heat and onset of life-threatening hypothermia is matter of minutes - this particular game mechanic is perfectly realistic. So what to do against it is following - you dont risk getting completely drenched without shelter and means to make quick fire. Watch the sky, if it gets cloudy - don't strand too far from area where shelter can be found. If it starts to rain, stay inside, organize your possessions, eat, drink, plan you next moves, wait it out, watch your heat indicator icon. In game there are raincoats and firemen gear but you don't get your hands on them easy - they are heavy too. When sun is back, run out and dry and heat-up by running.

There are good wiki's around to help you - one such resource is it is really worth studying a bit, plenty can be learned there and applied in the game. I am believer, I think you can enjoy the game as I and plenty others do just get bit more studied and give it another shot.


It’s an amazing game with a definite few flaws but to enjoy the game first educate yourself on how to survive such as where to find good food and water! Where you spawn is often raided a lot so there’s very little loot! You need to work your way inland. Kill animals and cook the meat or grow your own food. Use the wells for water and plan your route around to make sure you’re always close to water. I can run from the spawn to the further north western corner after killing one animal. It’s hard for a reason!


I have no problem surviving just like many others, DayZ has a very steep learning curve and is a video game so 1-1 realism isn't possible nor would it be fun.