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1.08 Experimental - stamina and inventory weight in conjunction with previous submission T151597
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The game doesn't seem to be adding up inventory correctly, thereby not decreasing your stamina as per previous builds. This is especially evident with relation to the issue reported in the task number included in the title above. Although the clothing article in your inventory might weigh say 5kg with contents, if you scroll over the particular piece of clothing that it is stored in on the top right of your inventory screen, that item (which used to show the total weight of all its contents combined), doesn't account for the weight. AS an example I had a pair of dress pants with a cable reel inside it, inside my hoodie. The weight of the pants showed 5kg when I scrolled over it with the mouse, but if I looked at how much the hoodie weighed overall, it stated "under .25kg"


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Steps To Reproduce

Follow the steps listed in T151597 - once your inventory is full so there are no visible slots left (you must have at least one type of clothing inside either your jacket or pants), pick up some nails or other heavy item that will fit in the clothes you have in your inventory and scroll over it and the associated item it is stored in in the top right corner of your inventory screen.

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Qavvik created this task.Jun 9 2020, 8:13 AM