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A Civilian "End Mission" Trigger Activates Prematurely If There Is An Empty vehicle Inside The Trigger
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I noticed this when creating an ingame mission in Altis through Eden Editor. I have a civilian trigger at a base I made in Altis and I set the trigger to activate and end the mission whenever a civilian enters the trigger circle/square. However I noticed that the trigger activates even when there aren't any BLUFOR units in the circle. It turns out that having an empty vehicle inside the civilian trigger ends the mission even if there aren't any civilians inside the trigger.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a trigger in any size as long as it's not 0, I am doing 10x 10 x -1 on a square
  2. Use these setting: [Type: End 1, Activation: Civilian, Activation Type: Present]
  3. Add an empty vehicle to trigger
  4. Bug Happens

Notes: You can use any END #

Additional Information

I replicated this bug in the Virtual Reality map twice on two different files. Also you can use any Ending #

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