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Destroying base walls is way too easy
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This is more of a feedback than a bug report, but this still needs to be said. Base walls in consoles are absolute joke. You can get through them in 2 minutes with only using axe, but when you're building that wall it takes you like 30 minutes because of the materials. That doesn't make any sense.

This has make people completely stop making bases because they're just too expensive, hard & easy to raid. Even if you manage get barbered wire for protection, it can easily get destroyed with pliers.

What i suggest to chance on this is very simple. Add more time to destroy base wall's and decrease the durability on axe's. This would make people need more than 1 set of axe to get through, and would make the raiding way more challenging.

Also bonus wish: Make stashes to spawn back on the ground if not touched in week or two. In many servers there are not many loots around, because majority of the people have stashed all the loot they've found on the ground and most of the time they never even pick these stashes back up and just leave them be, which really hurts the chances of finding good loot on that server.

1-2 week timing window to pick your stash up & dig back down would be great way to "balance" it out. This would give active players greatly enough time to check on their stashes & sametime all the non active stashes would get removed.


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