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Kuru without eating human steak?
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My current boi has Kuru (laughs like a maniac once every 2 mins or less) but I haven't eaten human steak.

I was very close to someone who did eat human steak, and I even picked up some human steak and carried it away from the house I was taking refuge in, but definitely didn't eat any.

Can you get Kuru from just holding human steak, or is this a bug? And is there any way to cure this, cuz it's super annoying being judged as a cannibal in-game whilst I'm actually not one...


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SoapySam created this task.Apr 5 2020, 12:06 AM
Valach added a subscriber: Valach.Apr 5 2020, 3:09 PM

Eating human fat can also give you kuru (they have changed it maybe month ago). You will not start laughing immediately after eating, but maybe after 20mins - few hours.

Maybe you have eaten human fat by accident or someone fed you.