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More cheaters
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Date March 27
Time 5:50 am Pacific
Location : I was at a small military camp south of Swarog, they were near Swarog.
DayZ Livonia US - LA 5375
Address (Game Port)

Again the blind shooting at you with no idea how they see you. They were shooting through trees and over hills so they couldn't auto kill me but its still aggravating that the cheaters know where you are without actually seeing you, or that they can kill you without a line of sight. I wanted to do a test and I ran towards them. My game starts to lag if I am near people running cheat scripts. So sure enough as I closed the distance I started lagging, so I got behind a tree so they couldn't just shoot a kill me and I logged off. Its really sad that I have time to right this report instead of playing. Please ban some more!


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

Just log into the game. It wont be long, they'll find you. Oh yeah they also have no problem finding any stashes you have. If you want them to stop breaking into your forts or tents... just don't store any 5.56 ammo, duct tape, or water... or any weapon worth having.

Additional Information

If you can find the one selling the scripts you can sue and stop all this....

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