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Random crashes when random players joins after a certain players treshold
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Doing this ticket as a public version of so everyone that wants can express how they feel about those massive crashes.


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Windows 10 x64

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Good evening,

The server is constantly crashing which make it impossible to play + we are losing much stuff at each crash...

Thanks for your help.

A DayZ player

gitou added a subscriber: gitou.Mar 26 2020, 11:02 PM


The server is crashing often and make role playing really hard, the stuff we have can disappear too.

Greetings developers ,

I'm a member of the administration of this server and at each crash we have a lot of problems with the community...

Please do something 🙏

Do something please or a spider going into your bed tonight

Dostya added a subscriber: Dostya.Mar 27 2020, 9:36 PM

Greetings, same there, the issues with these crash are hard... hope you can do something

7Setch added a subscriber: 7Setch.Mar 28 2020, 12:32 AM

Hello dear developers,

First I want to tell you that your games are awesome.
Not a week goes by without spending an evening on one of them, ArmA or DayZ generally. And this since 7 years.

Recently I discovered this server and I could see all the work that was provided by its administrators so that we could spend unforgettable moments.

However, these crashes have been happening every night and administrators are trying to put an end to them every day.

They sent you this ticket mentioned above.
Please, could you look into it?

Thank you for all these moments spent on your games and all those that we will spend again on it.

Alda added a subscriber: Alda.Mar 28 2020, 5:05 PM

come on come on, chop chop!

yep same issue here, server crashes so much because of that...

Hello, I have seen several types of problems with the 1.07 update on my server. I saw a crash pattern, some player tries to enter the server and he drops the server when trying to connect and everyone on the server is expelled, random people are causing it. Many times someone has to log in because of a bug in the game and stays in this cycle all the time there is someone disconnecting and logging in to the server, and it falls down indifferently, this event of bringing down the server when a player logs in and happens when there is many people. I uploaded the crash report from my server in less than 4h dropped several times I separated 3 times.