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Hacker on offical server
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Dear Sir or Madam,

i am used to play a lot on offical servers and want to file a report to another player for hacking/cheating.

On friday the 20.03.2020 me and my friend playend on the offical Server DayZ EU - DE1354 (Persistence ON) (IP:
It was about 21:48 CET. We were in a house and recogniced a geared player outside the building. (We had the doors locked to avoid unwelcome guests) He was moving super fast.

As we lost sight of the player me and my friend got shot from the distance. The "player" hit us through the walls of the building. According to the sound of the shoots, the shooter was about 100 - 300 meters away from our location. There was no possibility that he could have hit us, literally no way.

My Steam ID: 76561198060852914
My friends Steam ID: 76561198072723307
(my friend got shoot about 30 seconds bevor i got shot - we both died instantly after getting shot)

Please check the player. Thanks you.

Regards TheHuntingAlex


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Additional Information

If you need furhter informations you can contact me via steam or this site.

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