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Car wheels not spawning in Vanilla
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Car wheels are not spawning at in Chenarus +

I have searched for wheels for many hours including over half of the map and loot cycling and have not found a single wheel for any car, where before the patch I would have found several.

I have included all types of garage and shed in my search.

Therefore it is impossible to get a car running without totally stripping the others.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Log into an unmodded server. Tested on an official 3rd person server and Runningmanz 1st person server.

Additional Information

I have found an obscene amount of car doors while searching, I would say 100+. Potentially they may need to be turned down a bit!

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Marzz created this task.Mar 17 2020, 11:17 AM

Car doors for days! =D

I agree, it would be great to see more cars driving around but the wheels are so hard to find, the wheels seem way more rare than the radiator/battery/spark plug and you need multiple wheels and a specific type of wheel... The spawn rate for other car parts seems like it's good but the wheels are really way too difficult.

Marzz added a comment.Mar 22 2020, 7:20 AM

It appears that now that car wheels spawn in all sheds their concentration is too low. 20 wheels of each type across the whole map makes it impossible, especially if you need 3 for your car!

I would say up it to 80 to make it in line with car doors currently, then maybe bring each car door down to 5 from 20. Car doors can be rare, but wheels can't.