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Character unable to perform actions after swapping weapons while crouched
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I have only noticed this happening with modded guns (Coonan .357 Magnum & .338 Kivaari notably) and the new Repeater.
Basically it would appear after crouching and swapping weapons the server does not pick up that I swap to a new weapon/item after I stand up.
All other players will see the problem gun in my hand however I will see it in my inventory and I will have my desired item (such as a knife) in my hands instead. However, I will not be able to use this knife in any way (opening food, etc) - the action circle will appear for a split second then disappear.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce
  • I am crouching & running/walking
  • I swap whatever gun is currently in my hand to another/ take out a gun
  • I can use the gun as normal when crouching
  • When I then stand up & swap to another item, I notice I can no longer interact with items (e.g.: Skin animals, open tins/cans)
  • Swapping to the suspected weapon and then swapping back again does not resolve the issue
  • The only resolution is to log out & log back in to the server I was on
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Hered_56 added a subscriber: Hered_56.EditedMar 14 2020, 11:04 AM

Exactly the same with non-moded game (FX45, SK, AK etc.). Problem happens each time I swap a weapon in crouch position. After that, impossible to do any left-clic action : all is stuck (drinking, healing, reloading clips etc, or enter in a car)... but this bug already appened for me in other situations (reorganize inventory and relaoding clips without crouching before) SINCE last patch (never had it before).