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Car bug
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Hi there, my name is Josh I have been a long term DayZ player, I play every day without fail and I would like to know when your team are going to fix the cars in the game, time and time again, countless times over I have driven cars inside your “class A” game that I have paid well over enough money for, including the DLC you guys released before fixing the things that are actually broken, the lag and few bugs here there and in between I can deal with due to you guys only recently porting to console over the last year or so, but what I am beginning to become very tired of is your car mechanics, I would like to know what is being done about the freezes that happen on a 5 minute basis and keep destroying the vehicles that I put so much of my time and effort into building time and time again, it has nothing to do with my internet speed as I am currently running one of the highest speeds in my country which is Australia.

All in all I would like to know when your team plan on fixing these freezes and if not able to be fixed, why are the vehicles in the game to begin with if they’re broken?

Regards, Josh.


Operating System
Windows 7
Game Physics
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Drive another vehicle.

Additional Information

I am not happy with the content I am receiving as a paying customer of your company and game, I would like this to be brought to attention and not just ignored either, I have paid my money to enjoy the content inside your game and I am sadly being disappointed with the progress your team has made to optimise the mechanics, if the game is not ready to be released or ported to console, the simple solution would be to not release it at all, us console players pay the same price as PC players and although we don’t have the hardware to support your high quality of game, we expect more from your team at Bohemia Interactive to make our duration of playing DayZ as enjoyable as the PC players who get the privilege of playing it to it’s full extent and optimisation.

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Thank you for the report Spyney.
We are aware of this issue and it is being worked on. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any estimates as to when they are going to be fixed.

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For a moment I believed it could be something about internet connection but I also use one of the highest connection speeds in my country (Brazi) and I play on Miami MI0000 servers specifically with 120ms ping (unfortunately we in South America do not we have servers available) and the problem always occurs.

Josh were you able to identify any patterns that make the bug happen?

High speed? Quick change of direction? Vehicle model?
Maybe I can help the team solve it.

It happens to me with all vehicles regardless of the speed I'm driving.

I hope that the bug will be resolved in the next updates as I, as well as several other players, take hours to assemble a vehicle to be able to play just 10 minutes with the car without crashing because of this bug.


Douglas Sabino