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Speed Hackers
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I've noticed an influx of speed hackers on the AU servers since December last year. It also seems to be getting a lot worse since the free event recently. I figured they wouldn't last long before BattleEye did its thing so I never took details, but as I've now seen at least one almost every time I log into the game for the past month it's time to close the exploit as it's killing the game!


DayZ AP - SY 1023 (

  • 1/3/2020, 21:44AEDT (UTC+11), speed hacker ran past me while I was running the main road from Elektro to Cherno.
  • 1/3/2020, 21:55AEDT (UTC+11), speed hacker ran up to me not long after I spawned, I think south of Berezino. They aimed and let me circle them for a bit while I asked questions, they then just went 'ha ha' and killed me.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Join any AU server, especially in the evenings.

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This is happening on Livonia as well.

I'm new in this game and i'm already really angry,can somebody tell me how i can report hackers please?

I also encountered a speed hacker on a 1.07 server. I managed to get a capture out of it as well if that makes any help.