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More cheaters
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Server DayZ Livonia US - LA 5375 Address (Game Port)
SteamID: Yalleh

Feb 28 morning Pacific time. Cheaters using code to find anything and everything now matter how well hidden. Can tell when they are in the area without moving and well hidden they start shooting at you from anywhere just shooting.
Feb 28 14:48 pm Pacific also aimless shooting, probably the same person
Feb 29 5:23 am Pacific also aimless shooting, also most likely the same person ( I just logged on and was completely hidden and protected from aimless shooting (OSAB .. One Shot Aim Bot)

All of these happen in the same area and same area I have ben OSAB killed before. I now stay behind trees and hills and wear an assault helmet (its saved me from the always perfect One shot to the head from the OSAB).


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

In order to reproduce the OSAB's all you do is turn on your computer and start playing "DAYZ"

Additional Information

I see some of the number of players on my server dropping, but I can go to any fresh spawn area and will automatically hear the OSAB's and if I make a mistake and leave an opening from any direction towards me then I can hear the pings off my helmet (need to hide before the second or third ping happen).

Would be nice to know if this is being addressed or if its just other "Real Survivors" leaving the server. Would also be nice to find the cheaters and their stash of items (I would mind getting back my LAR, or VSD or VSS ... they really like to chase someone down if you have there items.. somehow they know what you have and follow you forever if you have them).

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yalleh created this task.Feb 29 2020, 2:52 PM