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More cheaters
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On server: LA 5375 (Game Port)
Steam name: Yalleh

Here is a list (as its not just one), all resulted in my death but I do this to help find them as it seems we are overrun by cheaters:

Feb 18 11:10 am pacific
Feb 20 10:50 am
Feb 23 4:00 am pacific near the south end of Polana
Feb 23 4:15 am pacific by Sobotka
Feb 23 5:27 am pacific
Feb 23 5:32 am pacific
Feb 23 5:34 am pacific
Feb 24 13:12 or 2:12 pm pacific
Feb 26 9:49 am near Polana
Feb 26 10:30 am near Topolin
Feb 26 17:33 am near Kolembrody


Operating System
Windows 10
Operating System Version
Steps To Reproduce

All you have to do is go on any Official server, especially near the spawn points. I like to make it a game and see how far I can make it before I hear the tell- tale sign of just shooting from a distance (using the aimbot) If they miss they follow until they start coming into someone else using cheat codes ... then the gunshots come from another direction (If other players are reading this... keep massive amounts of trees, houses and/or a hill between you and the gunshots).

Additional Information

Is there a way you can put a code on the game that makes the cheater do an automatic suicide instead of shooting at you and then a colored smoke bomb drops so we can pick at the cheaters. Or would I be able to use a cheat code and not get booted from the game. At least then it would be fair (we can all cheat at the game together). The second point I would love for you to respond with a huge NOOOOOO!!!! as this is not the game I paid for nor do I want to play. Its a survival game and running the gauntlet of cheaters is kinda fun but it gets boring after a while.

Since you have my email can I get a reply if you are doing anything about this, I want to know if I should keep on playing or play a different game. I do see the number of players on my server dropping but I'm not sure if thats other players or if its cheaters getting banned.

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yalleh created this task.Feb 27 2020, 4:40 PM