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Suggestion - few things that needs to be fixed in 1.08 .. or anytime
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Yeah. 1.07 was really a great relief for the players because the inventory bug was really annoying but 1.07 also has brought few bugs that are hella annoying and common too. In this thread , i will be talking about the bugs that i and my friends have observed through 140+ hours of playing 1.07. so :

  1. The clothing swapping glitch : A very common bug after 1.07 is that you cant just swap backpack with another one by just swapping onto your character in tab. you must first get down your old one and then replacing it with the new one. its really annoying - pls fix.
  1. The hipfire delay bug : Also an always happening feature of 1.07 is that when you are trying to aim , you are in hipfire for like 2 seconds - everyone knows that but pls fix
  1. You can't take a item from the hands of the survivor that you have killed - Also a new bug is that when you kill a player that something in his hands (probably gun) you cant take it straight from vicinity , so you must skin and quater him to make the item visible in vicinity. - It doesn't happen everytime but when it happens its really annoying - pls fix

Now the bugs that are not new:

  1. Bodies falling into/through walls - The thing that is making me angry the most is when you finally kill survivor after 1 hour window shootout and you can't loot him because his body has fallen into the wall. Just change the animation of dying when there is wall behind you , or i don't know - please fix
  1. Cars are undrivable - Im not that much a driver type of player but allways when i find spawned car with all 4 wheels i get hyped into making it run and everything just to start the car and see that it is bouncing and it is undrivable. This bouncing car thing has been in the game for several updates but still not fixed. I remember the 1.0 patch where there wasnt even a small trace of car bouncing and it worked just fine.. The bouncing and flying cars are really ruining the great aspect of the game and it needs to be fixed soon. - pls fix


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