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Chinese cheater problem
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Yet another cheat report for you, like others are reporting too. Insta-killed last Saturday on Official: DayZ NL 3663933 (Public)

Around midday CET, sorry for the lack of info, didn't think this was a problem at the time

Was looking in the military barracks in Solnichniy, was in crouched stance, when I got the message (YOU ARE DEAD)
I spawned down the road on the beach in Three Valleys, Here i got shot after just as I was re-spawning. I survived the torso hit from a bolt- action kind of rifle (Distinct sound), I also heard Chinese being spoken in the proximity. I ran into the road to confront the guy, who then ran speedhack into the road too, I (loudly) asked if he was the S.O.B who killed me just now, down the road. He turned 180 degrees, then ran as fast as a formal 1 car, towards Kamyshovo. Without wasting time I ran towards my dead corpse in Solnichniy, were I passed tons of dead newly spawns, that I am sure he was having a field-day with. Never in my years have I seen soo many dead bodies in this city(Played since EA). I know for a fact that this town is a PVP hotspot for new spawns, but the amount was ridiculously. I fund my corpse in the mili barracks, all my gear was untouched and my Assault helmet was ruined, with the gas mask too.

I have done some research into tracking clues left by them(Your welcome Bohemia Interactive), if you find a dead body, were the head gear(mask, glasses, helmet etc.) is ruined, and had more then one head gear item on. Plus the head would turn ghostly pale(Like the bug back in the EA times, even the hair would loose color). If you stumble upon a victim like this, then a cheater has been there.

I would even encourage people to log, if they hear wild gunshots, like if someone is shooting up the whole town and doesn't care about the zeds. I usually log when i hear these shots in the distance, come closer. They speedhack to player to player, killing everyone in sight, especially on the road where newly spawns start. The whole coast area is a highway to hell, more or less on this server


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Windows 10 x64
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Run on the road near the coast aka. Highway to hell

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I would encourage you, to fix this ASAP. This is takin' a drastically toll on your player count, not to mention new customers plus reputation. Every Official server is infested with these scumbags, who uses cheats to not only one-tab players, but to find buried stashes and dig/rob them in the blink of an eye(as some players have seen)

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