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Hacker killed me
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On same server I died once yesterday in the middle of absolut nowhere isntantly. Might have been coincidence. Today 15:29 CET I got killed at night inside house where I was alone same server. So I kept playing but started recording and than I killed what seems to be speed hacking player.

Video here: name

Server: DayZ Livonia EU - DE 4217
Time of last incident: about 15:30 give or take CET
My steam ID: 76561197972495842

First incident was yesterday didn consider it hacking only odd thing.
Second incident was today 21 Feb 20 15:29 CET No recording I jusr died in empty house in the middle of the night with nothing visible from the windows.
Third incident an hour later at 16:30 CET to which I have linked you the video. I would like to have investigated second and third incident whether It was the same person if not at least have the person from third incident banned. I think its was only luck that I killed him.

EDIT: I just ran into the hacker again now 21 FEB 2020 17:58 CET
Same server and everything
Video here: name


Operating System
Windows 7
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Please attend this problem ASAP, the issue with chinesse hackers is becoming problematic and many players just stopped playing and you will sooon see the result on decrease of active players if not attended. Thanks for your support.

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same happened to me bro. but it seems nobody cares :(

Tony_Wild_Card added a subscriber: Tony_Wild_Card.EditedFeb 25 2020, 6:02 PM

Me too, this boom in Chinese rogue players are takin' a serious toll on your game BI. Apparently they can bypass your Anti-Cheat measure, with ease