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Fix base building... For the love of God.
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My base has yet to be raided, but I know that I'm not alone in expressing my frustration without easy it is to destroy bases after doing so myself with minimal tools and effort, as a fresh spawn...

After days of SERIOUSLY fortifying your base. After taking FOREVER to saw down all the trees, make the planks, find the locks, acquire barbed wire, camo nets, barrels, tents, etc. it's actually ridiculous that it's SO easy for a fresh spawn to just mosey on by and break down well fortified walls!

Walls are far too weak in this game, you can break them with too many tools. It's unfair that people spend all this time building a super end game base and stash all their loot inside of it only to have a freshie come through and break inside within 10 minutes with loot he found at the shoreline... Absolute unbalanced garbage.

And to be clear this isn't a frustrated "I just got my base raided" post. I just genuinely feel like there's a massive amount of time that can be wasted on fortifying these things and the effort required to bring them down is extraordinarily minimal.


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Ya man just get a sledge and a roll of duct tape and you’ll be throu 2-3 sets of walls lmao. Or just get a hacksaw and cut all their locks super easy. Or you could stack car doors and just hop over the wall. Devs don’t seem to listen to this feedback website tho so idk. Maybe message them on Twitter? They seem to love that

the devs are aware he is working on solving the most important problem

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Ya “he” as in a single person? Lol. You a admin or something?

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This is done so that clever people like you do not drag out items to an indestructible base, this will sooner or later lead to abnormal production on the server and you will remain to play with yourself, because everything items will be at your base. Other players will not be able to find anything on the server and will leave the game as There are restrictions on the amount of items on the server.
The very meaning of the game is that you have to constantly go around the map and look for things, meet other players face to face in various situations, and not sit at your super base, on which all things are collected, and wait for somebody will come for you. A raid system has been introduced for this, so that you can make a choice - sit and guard your base but sooner or later it will be opened during the raid, or not build a base and go look for things directly at military facilities and cities.
And if you are tired of the game and you stopped playing it, other players could open it in your absence and pick up items because you no longer need them but at the same time are absent in other places on the server due to the limit on the number of items

That seems just absurd in a game that's end game design is geared around you stashing and gathering loot into crates, barrels, tents, etc to the tune of hundreds of items per player.

I'm not denying that you should be able to access bases, but they should be far harder to get into.

If the dev's intended end game gameplay mechanic is for you to just sit around and defend your base all day, then congrats. No matter how much time and after you put into securing them they are entirely unsecure to most average players, not just players who actively seek to base bust.

In other words, you're telling me they can't upgrade their servers, which are already quite wonky to begin with, and basically their most core players, end game players are the ones who are supposed to suffer.

I get there are technical limitations but these are not great ways to keep a player base. Player base as in population of returning players, not an in-game base.